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With Lockdown Level 3 reinforced and 1 million infections reported, Lets talk about building resilience to thrive in this season


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Living Awake to the best in life

Welcome Awake Mamas

Hello lovely one, thank you for joining!

We know being a mother keeps us up at night? Let's be honest, mostly things that worry us, and often things out of our control.

Awake Mamas, lets be fired up to all that life has, and awake to the possibilites, as a mother and mostly a woman.

Let's be AWAKE to ALL life has to offer and grow through it all.

The.Awake.Mama is a place to empower, encourage and evolve ourselves to really get the most of this life and as a result build strong, kind resilient kids. This is an honest platform. One to just share and make life and the journey you are on more beautiful. 

Thank you for popping by. 

God bless ya.